dFlip 3D FlipBook is an early release for DearFlip and laid out the foundation for a robust Flipbook WordPress Plugin. DearFlip is also available as a 3D Flipbook WordPress plugin for your WordPress sites. We also have a free demo version for you to try. DearFlip – 3D Flipbook WordPress plugin offers amazing features in 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin lite as well.  Now you have an amazing and 3D Flipbook viewer that engages your customers with its realistic book alike experience.

Problems using dFlip Flipbooks:

Loading Message without Loading Icon:

Please wait while flipbook is loading. For more related info, FAQs and issues please refer to dFlip 3D Flipbook WordPress Help documentation.

If you see the loading message and don’t see a loading icon. Then the issue is related to CSS file missing. If you are using a CDN make sure the file is accessible and loaded. Check your Browser console (CTRL + SHIFT + I) and make sure there are no errors.


Loading Message with Loading Icon:

Please wait while flipbook is loading.

When the loading icon is visible, the CSS files are loaded properly. This message is displayed when the flipbook is loading files. So this is a normal case.


Loading Message only for a long time:

Once the loading message is displayed, additional required files are loaded to initialize the flipbook. If the files are missing then the loading can’t proceed. Check your Browser console (CTRL + SHIFT + I) and make sure there are no errors.




WordPress Flipbook posts that are easy to create!

All you need is a PDF link to the PDF and your shortcode for flipbook is ready to use. It’s that easy and instant. We support Image flipbooks too. Add the images you want to be part of flipbook and boom!! You have your Image flipbook ready.

Try our Free 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin!

Get the Free demo version of WordPress flipbook plugin and start creating amazing 3D Flipbook.

Give it a try, it’s available in the official WordPress Plugin directory and already in use by thousands of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flash required in WordPress for flipbook?

Not at all! DearFlip doesn’t rely on flash and it’s already out of time. DearFlip is driven by modern HTML5 and WebGL technology to create a Realistic 3D Flipbook.

So Flipbooks could be read just like a real-life book?

Yes, your Flipbook WordPress posts are converted to look alike real-life books. Flipbook is more or less a digital representation of a real-life book. Conventionally you had to create each page for the online Flipbook. But as technology has advanced, we can now create an online flipbook directly with PDF files. Now your boring PDF file is lively and much more exciting through Flipbook WordPress Plugin.

You won’t need to convert PDFs into multiple images to create Flipbook. The PDF is supported directly. The flipbook has all the links and table of content available right away.

So Why DearFlip?

DearFlip Flipbook WordPress plugin provides easy to use solution for WordPress users to convert their PDF to Flipbook easily. All you need is a PDF link and the Flipbook is ready to roll. DearFlip provides a realistic 3D flipbook experience. They are realistic and behave just like a real-life book, The realistic flipping effects, sound, and look provides an engaging environment for the PDF Flipbook. The users are more likely to read the PDF document since the document is no in a much more friendly book format.

What features of PDF are available in PDF Flipbook?

PDF is a very versatile document format. It has many advantages that are really handy when it comes to document sharing. It works as it is in almost every device and the content doesn’t change even when viewed on different devices. PDF content is maintained in DearFlip it looks similar to almost every reader, just more realistic. The links in the PDF document work right away.

I don’t have any prior knowledge about programming. Is DearFlip appropriate for me?

Of-course! Yes. With DearFlip Flipbook WordPress plugin, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge. Just some knowledge about WordPress and how to use the WordPress plugin is more than enough. Even if you don’t know how to use the Flipbook WordPress plugin, there are user manuals, YouTube videos, medium articles as well as blogs available for you to learn how to get started with it ease.