PDF flipbook counterfeits of DearFlip

Piracy is an ongoing problem in internet. It’s easy to grab content from other sites and display or even sell it under different name. DearFlip, initially dFlip, started in 2016 from Codecanyon. It was listed in COdecanyon marketplace while demos and docs were displayed in flipbookplugin.com . At that time sustainibility was the main concern … Read more

How to add Custom Code to WordPress pages

Most of the time, default settings and features don’t solve all of the problem. Some tweaks and customizations are required once in a while. Same is the case for our WordPress flipbook plugin customer. DearFlip tries to maintain simple structure and still be fast, powerful. And when some extra feature or customization is required it … Read more

PDF Links are not working? What is the issue?

In PDF links are created while designing the PDF and they are actually defined before exporting. Yet some advanced Desktop PDF readers can detect such texts that look like URLS and convert those text-URL to links, not every. You can see that those text-URL links don’t work in mobiles and Mozilla Firefox readers. We suggest defining the links explicitly so that they work as expected everywhere. Attaching … Read more

Customizing Buttons

Normal Button Normally by default the buttons looks like primary WordPress buttons. ._df_button { //your style goes here } Changing Color Customizations can be achieved using custom CSS. On WordPress – We recommend using Theme Customizer -> Additional CSS section for adding Custom CSS. Or a custom code plugin if you change themes often. ._df_button … Read more