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Add Custom Download button to Flipbook

This customization allows user to add an extra download button that downloads different PDF file specified in the code.

JavaScript Code:


    var customButtonFunction = function(event){
      //Custom button code goes here

    var alternateDownloadFile = "https://dearflip.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/foee_hbf_meatatlas_jan2014.pdf";
    //We add the function in Global Defaults so that all flipbooks in the page act same.
    DFLIP.defaults.onReady = function(flipbook) {

      var customDownloadButton = jQuery('<a class="df-ui-btn ti-download df-ui-custom-download-button" download target="_blank"></a>');
      customDownloadButton.attr("href",alternateDownloadFile).attr("title","Download Alternate File");
      //if you want to insert in some other place.. find the button and then insert before that button


CSS StyleSheet:




For WordPress, please read on 
How to add Custom Code to WordPress Pages

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