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Open flipbook in full-screen

We don’t recommend opening popup flipbooks directly into full-screen. Yet there are cases where customers need such behavior. Please use with precaution. Your user might be confused with direct jumping to fullscreen mode.

Note: This customization feature can be included in the core in future – if a proper solution emerges without confusing the user.

Final Result:

Open Flipbook in FullScreen

What is expected:

Opens up the popup flipbook lightbox and when flipbook is ready loading the resource automatically enters full-screen.

How to customize:

We use the callback option onReady() to execute the fullscreen click trigger.
Add the following script into your site using the script editor plugin. This affects all flipbooks on the pages where this code is added.


jQuery(function() {

    DFLIP.defaults.onReady = function(flipbook){
        console.log("flipbook ready");



Note: Further fine-tuning and code changes might be added as per need.

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