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10 thoughts on “DearFlip WordPress”

  1. Hi there, are there any special server side requirements for dearflip to work for a visitor ?The plugin works for a logged in user but not for a logged out user. For a logged out user, it tries to load but hangs with a msg that says: “Loading PDF Worker Cors …” and doesn’t go further.


    • Hi, No there are no such requirements, Make sure the files are served from the same domain and are in the same protocol(HTTP or https)

  2. Dear all,
    i have bought the plugin through CodeCanyon. How can I continue to receive updates now? Licence certificate at your disposal.

  3. Hi,
    I am on the free version of the plug in and have uploaded a PDF that appears to have been cut short; what is now the final page also seems to be the same A3 spread compressed into A4.
    Can you please advise how to resolve this?
    Is there a defined page limit or preferred format for the document in order to prevent similar issues?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jade,
      Flipbook runs on a concept of book. And in practice, all pages of a book are of same size/proportion. That is a basic requirement.
      If you add different size, the size from cover page will be taken as the main size and everything will be squeezed or stretched to fit the cover page size.

      Best Regards,
      DearFlip Team

  4. I am looking to buy the premium version of the plugin, just wanted to confirm if it has a feature to switch to fullscreen (automatically) when mobile orientation is changed from portrait to landscape.

    Please confirm so that I can proceed with purchasing the plugin.



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