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Creating a book

Add Book Source/Pages

Book Source Type:
Sets the type of source for book.

You can either add source of the book through PDF file (Set Book Source Type to PDF)

Creating a book 2Or you can add source of the book through Images (Set Book Source Type to Images)

Creating a book 3

Book Layout Settings

Set the layout of source for book.

Creating a book 4

Book Outline Settings

Set the outline/bookmarks of source for book.

Creating a book 5

Adding Book Shortcode to Page

Single Book Shortcodes(default type is embedded):

//Embedded Type
[dflip id="99"][/dflip]

//Button Type
[dflip id="99" type="button"]Button Text[/dflip]

//Thumbnail Type (Like in Demo)
[dflip id="99" type="thumb" tags="3d,pdf,short-sweet"][/dflip]

Multiple Book Shortcodes(default type is thumb):

//All books
[dflip books="all"][/dflip]

//All books of category "fiction"
[dflip books="fiction"] [/dflip]

//Multiple books with id 13,15,16
[dflip books="13,15,16"] [/dflip]

Once you have a book created you can use it in your page with the help of shortcode. Shortcodes are available in the dflip post type admin page. Copy the required shortcode.Creating a book 6

Now create a page and add the shortcode into the textbox.Creating a book 7

Video Tutorial:



Using Categories:

How to Display Multiple flipbooks?

You can display multiple books at once. We recommend using Book Categories and adding your books to those categories.
[dflip books="category-a"][/dflip]

Displays all the books in category named “category-a“. only 5 latest books will be displayed.

Books limited to only 5!

By default the multiple books are limited to 5. you can increase the limit by adding the number or showing all.

[dflip books="category-a" limit="-1"][/dflip]

Displays all the books in category-a

More Examples

[dflip books="category-a,category-b" limit="-1"][/dflip]
[dflip books="all" limit="-1"][/dflip]
Notice the limit attribute… -1 for all, 5 for 5 , 10 for 10..
These are created as thumbnails by default.. To convert to buttons use the following shortcode:
[dflip books="category-a" limit="-1" type="button"][/dflip]
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6 thoughts on “Creating a book”

    1. Hi, Can you share what shortcode you had used? Also in some editors, the quotes are converted to other quotes try adding quotes yourself.

    1. Hi,

      When using PDF, you can create clickable links and spots using a PDF editor, or Document editor that you later export as PDF.

      For image-based flipbook, hotspots can be created using the plugin.

      But we recommend using PDF-based methods, for ease of maintainability and future edits.
      We create our PDF with links and hotspots using, MS word then exports them as PDF.

      Best Regards

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