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Google Analytics(PRO)

DearFlip supports basic analytics using Google Analytics.

How to add?

You can enable the analytics in Global Settings Page.

Google Analytics is not set by the flipbook plugin, it is only used if there is Google Analytics ID already available in the site. You have to set Enable Google analytics to true in Global settings. And if there is Google analytics added to your site, it will be sent as events in Google Analytics report.

Please remember to add Google Analytics scripts into your site using a Google Analytics plugin or using the code provided by Google Analytics.

What data is tracked?

DearFlip send events to Google analytics when user interacts with the flipbook. Regarding actions, the plugin tracks.
1. Book opening(for popups),
2. First-page flip
3. Book Close (for popups)

The rest of the actions need to be implemented by the users depending on their needs. You will need to have JavaScript understanding for that or you can get a developer’s help.

Where to view the data?

The Event data sent by DearFlip is available in Reports section of Google Analytics. Under Behavior -> Top Events. Additionally Realtime also display the Events.

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