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These settings will be applicable from Version 2.1

Source Settings:

Book Source Type

DearFlip Accepts two type of Source. PDF and Images. We recommend using PDF over images. PDFs are easier to manage and design using a PDF editor. Images needs to be added individually and take more time.

PDF File

This field accepts the PDF file link. It can be selected using WordPress Media Upload box. Or a URL can be directly added. Recommended is WordPress Media Upload Dialog box. PDF files from external source needs to have proper CORS permissions to use in your site.

PDF Thumbnail Image

You can add a thumbnail image to the PDF file selected. This thumb will be used when you used “thumb” type lightbox.

General Settings:

Viewer Type

Set the type of viewer. Available Options are Vertical Reader, Flipbook, Slider. Can be set Globally.

Mobile Viewer Type

Sets the type of viewer for mobile devices. Available options are Same as Viewer Type,Vertical Reader, Flipbook, Slider.

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