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Create Hybrid 3D Flipbook

DearFlip 2.1 plus supports Hybrid 3D Flipbook. Default 3D Flipbook look real, but it is a bit distorted when pages are curved. So when you need 3D flipbook animation and yet required crisp texts. There is a idle ground – Hybrid 3D Flipbook. Displays 2D pages when resting, used 3D pages when flipping.

Best Cases

  1. Need sharp text with 3D Flip animation


  1. Cannot support Spiral Mode.
  2. No Curved Pages, All Flat pages
  3. Cannot support 3D Cover styles. It’s flat there too.

Example Demo:

How to create:

  1. Create a new Post in DearFlip. Goto DFlip Books-> Add New Book
  2. Give title to your new Post
  3. Select the PDF you want to add by clicking Select PDF.
  4. Select the Thumbnail to your 3D Flipbook post.
  5. Goto General/Layout Tab
  6. Set Viewer Type to Flipbook
  7. Goto Flipbook Tab
  8. Set 3D or 2D to Hybrid 3D
  9. Click on Publish.
  10. Shortcode will now appear on Shortcode Box(top right corner of page)
  11. Copy the shortcode and paste it on the Post/page you want to embed the PDF Slider.

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