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How to sort flipbooks using shortcode?

Sorting is available from version 1.7.23 (Only in full versions)

Shortcode syntax is something like this:

[dflip books="test" limit="-1" orderby="name" order="asc"][/dflip]

Please note that name represents slug not the title.

  • ‘order’
    (string) Designates ascending or descending order of posts. Default ‘DESC‘. Accepts ‘ASC‘, ‘DESC‘.
  • ‘orderby’
    (string|array) Sort retrieved posts by parameter. One or more options may be passed. To use ‘meta_value’, or ‘meta_value_num’, ‘meta_key=keyname’ must be also be defined. To sort by a specific $meta_query clause, use that clause’s array key. Accepts:
    • ‘none’
    • ‘name’
    • ‘author’
    • ‘date’
    • ‘title’
    • ‘modified’
    • ‘menu_order’
    • ‘parent’
    • ‘ID’
    • ‘rand’
    • ‘relevance’
    • ‘RAND(x)’ (where ‘x’ is an integer seed value)
    • ‘comment_count’
    • ‘meta_value’
    • ‘meta_value_num’
    • ‘post__in’
    • ‘post_name__in’
    • ‘post_parent__in’
    • The array keys of $meta_query. Default is ‘date’, except when a search is being performed, when the default is ‘relevance’.

More info: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wp_query/parse_query/

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