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DearPDF Lite vs Pro Comparison

DearPDF for WordPress is available in two versions. DearPDF-lite version is available in WordPress official plugin repository and you can install DearPDF-lite from your wp-admin area. We recommend users try the lite version first. And when needed, then upgrade to the premium version.

Lite Version Features:

  1. Auto PDF file link Conversion(Beta Feature): If you have any PDF link in your page, they are already converted to PDF Viewer.
  2. Vertical PDF Viewer: View PDF documents in vertical mode. The most common layout used by PDF viewer, also available in DearPDF.
  3. PDF Flipbook viewer: View PDF documents in realistic 3D Flipbook mode or HTML5 CSS flipbook. Best for showcasing design documents or documents that have aesthetic values.
  4. Embedded Inline viewer: PDF viewer is added directly to the page or post using default inline shortcode. Best for viewing single PDF in a page. Not recommended for multiple viewers/PDFs in a page.
  5. Basic Lightbox Popups (Button): Create popup based viewers and flipbooks that open inside a lightbox. Best for multiple documents in a page.
  6. PDF Viewer in attachment page: Your PDF attachment page is already converted to PDF viewer without any need to create a DearPDF post.
  7. Table of content: Table of contents(document outline) on the PDF is created from the PDF file.

Upcoming Lite Features:

  1. Flipbook Categories(UPCOMING FEATURE):Create categories and display flipbooks in a group or a list. New flipbooks on the categories are automatically displayed without changing the category shortcode.

PRO Version Features:

  1. All Features from Lite Version.
  2. More Popup Light-boxes: Thumbs, Link and Custom type light-boxes.
  3. Auto PDF thumbnails (Beta Feature): Thumbs for PDF are auto-created to be used in thumb popup solution.
  4. PDF links: Links inside PDF will be clickable and open the links attached. Beware that the links need to be defined explicitly.
  5. Auto Link Detection (Beta Feature): Detects possible links within a PDF document even if they were not defined explicitly.
  6. Global settings: You can set settings for all flipbooks


  1. Controls Customization: Add or remove controls in the flipbook.
  2. Translation: Change the text of controls and share text
  3. Google Analytics: Log flipbook load and first-page flip to detect basic user interaction
  4. Padding: Set left and right padding between the flipbook and the container
  5. Zoom Ratio: Control the value of zoom
  6. Share Prefix: Change the prefix to your need, the default prefix is pdf
  7. Links Target Setting: Set the links to open in the current tab or new tab.
  8. Embedded Attachment PDF: Choose how to display the attachment PDF on the attachment page.
  9. PDF Partial Loading Size: PDF partial loading chunk size can be set as per your requirement.

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