From boring PDF to lively PDF Flipbook

With DearFlip plugins, you can now convert your PDF into a realistic 3D PDF Flipbook in minutes. Yes, it’s that easy – All you need to do is provide the link to the PDF and you have your PDF Flipbook ready.

Bring Life to Your PDF

PDFs are great to share information. However, that process is plagued by boring and static PDFs that are not friendly and interactive to read. But, now you can create an amazing interactive PDF Flipbook that provides an added feel of a lively book or album. In short, your PDFs live again as real books.

Flipbook Animation of DearFlip
3D Flipbook - DearFlip
3D Flipbook – DearFlip

PDF Flipbook that can be fun to read!

More or less, we all have used PDFs and know how it feels to go through them. It’s not very exciting. But, with our DearFlip PDF Flipbook, reading a PDF becomes much more lively.

Book Lover

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DearFlip use Flash?

No, it doesn’t. Flash is now obsolete and google doesn’t recommend it in their browsers anymore. DearFlip uses modern HTML5 and WebGL technology to create a Realistic 3D Flipbook.

Why not normal PDFs?

PDF documents are common these days and we have to read them at some point. They could be lengthy in text and really bring to read, consider scrolling through the long document.

What if PDF could be read just like a real book?

That’s where PDF Flipbook come to your rescue. Flipbook is basically digital representation of real life book. Conventionally you had to create each page for the online Flipbook. bu as the technology has advanced, we can now create online flipbook directly with PDF files. Now your boring PDF file is a lively and much more exciting PDF Flipbook.

You won’t need to convert PDFs into multiple images to create Flipbook. The PDF are supported directly. The flipbook have all the links and table of content available right away.

So Why DearFlip?

DearFlip Flipbook WordPress plugin provides easy to use solution for WordPress users to convert their PDF to Flipbook easily. All you need is a PDF link and the Flipbook is ready to roll. DearFlip provides realistic 3D flipbook experience. They are realistic and behave just like a real life book, The realistic flipping effects, sound and look provides an engaging environment for the PDF Flipbook. The users are more likely to read the PDF document since the document is no in much more friendly book format.

What features of PDF are available in PDF Flipbook?

PDF is a very versatile document format. It has many advantages that are really handy when it come to document sharing. It works as it is in almost every device and the content doesn’t change even when viewed on different devices. PDF content is maintained in DearFlip it looks similar to almost every reader, just more realistic. The links in the PDF document works right away.

My PDF is huge, it has many pages and might take long to load the PDF Flipbook?

That is a very obvious concern. DearFlip uses a very smart – on demand loading structure, so only the few first pages are loaded to start the Flipbook. So if you have a PDF file with 200 pages and it’s sizes is more than 100MB; your PDF Flipbook will load only first 4 pages and only few MB required for those 4 pages. Rest of the pages are loaded when the user flips through the pages. This method really saves your precious bandwidth.