PDF to Flipbook – Fast and easy on WordPress

Do you need to convert your PDFs to Flipbooks? Do you need a solution inbuilt in your site? Then you have an answer now – DearPDF. DearPDF is a spinoff of our popular flipbook plugin DearFlip, used by more than 50,000 customers.

What’s possible with DearPDF?

DearPDF is built to serve PDFs, in best possible ways it can be on Website. PDFs cannot be embed directly in a site, they require some services like issuu.com that convert PDFs to Image and then display them on site. But this is a lengthy process, requires third-party integration, and multiple steps to create a publication.

DearPDF does that easily – as easy as creating a WordPress Post!

In this article we will cover how to install DearPDF and convert your PDF to Flipbook in minutes.

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