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Create HTML5 Flipbook with jQuery

Create interactive 3D flipbook from PDF, with dearflip HTML5 jQuery flipbook plugin. Yes, it’s very easy to create and use. If your browser doesn’t support 3D, then we use CSS flipbook as fallback.

Annual starts at $34 | Lifetime starts at $109 | Multi-Site Licenses Available

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Create flipbooks that can open from thumbs,

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More Examples of HTML5 Flipbook

Using the jQuery flipbook plugin, we have created a collection of flipbooks for brochures, catalogs, magazines, annual reports, photographer’s portfolios, manuals and more. Have a look:

Flipbook Animation of Page Flip
Responsive HTML5 Flipbook jQuery Plugin 3

Create HTML5 Flipbook from PDF easily with jQuery.

DearFlip supports easy HTML syntax along with powerful jQuery flipbook function. All you need is the link to your PDF file. It’s that easy and instant. We support Image flipbooks too. Add the images you want to be part of flipbook and boom!! You have your Image flipbook ready.

We recommend using HTML and JavaScript in combination with maximum potential usage. Our flipbook WordPress plugin utilizes the same pattern. For more details visit our Documentation Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

General / pre-purchase

Flash is no longer supported by Adobe, it’s parent company. Many browsers have removed support for Flash. DearFlip uses modern WebGL and HTML5 to create flipbooks. There is even fallback to CSS Flipbook that uses HTML5 in case any browsers are not able to provide WebGL compatibility. So you are covered for most browsers.

Flipbook runs on most browsers that have WebGL available and support HTML5. You can check the WebGL coverage report. In simpler terms, DearFlip is compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and above. That covers 98% or the browsers. In-case a unsupported browser is encounter  a message to upgrade browser is displayed.

We have different plugins for different platforms and needs. jQuery Flipbook works on almost every site but requires understating of jQuery and HTML code structure. On the other hand, Flipbook WordPress is built for people using WordPress with little to no coding skills. Thus, with the WordPress plugin, creating HTML5 Flipbook is as easy as creating a WordPress post. 

In any case, you need a PDF file to create the flipbook, so the link to the PDF is all you need to get it started.



DearFlip supports PDFs and Images for creating flipbooks. PDFs are a very versatile and popular format. Almost every application and software support documents that can be exported to PDFs and shared.

Similarly, Images are also a very popular format in the web industry. Almost every application and browser supports images by default. Creating flipbook using images is very easy with DearFlip – all you need to pas is an array of images and your jquery flipbook will be created.

We recommend using PDFs over images for easy management and future editing and updates.

That is a very obvious concern. DearFlip uses a very smart – on-demand loading structure, so only a few first pages are loaded to start the Flipbook. So if you have a PDF file with 200 pages and it’s sizing is more than 100MB; your jQuery Flipbook will load only the first 4 pages and only a few MB required for those 4 pages. The rest of the pages are loaded when the user flips through the pages. This method saves your precious bandwidth.

Purchase & License

DearFlip jQuery Flipbook does not have any free or demo version to try. There are limitations of listing at CodeCanyon so we cannot list DearFlip for free o provide a demo version. You can apply for refund if the plugin is not as per accordance.

Purchase and invoicing is handled by Freemius. It’s one of the famous marketplace for WordPress Themes and Plugin. They provide Credit card and PayPal options. It’s secure and reliable.

Yes we have 30 days money back guarantee. If the plugin is not useful to you or the use case is not valid, refund will be approved. For bugs and problem, we recommend contact for support, and if the problem is not resolved you can still apply for refund.

We offer, Multiple licensing structure:

  1. Single Site: It covers a single website and is available as annual subscription and lifetime. This license is best single site owner.
  2. 3 Sites: It covers 3 sites and is available as annual subscription and lifetime. This is best for Freelancers who can purchase license on behalf of their clients at discount.
  3. 15 Sites: it covers 15 Sites and is also available as annual subscription and lifetime. This is best for Agency and Companies.

Annual license covers update to the product and support for a year. After 6 months, you need to renew your license for premium support and updates. Your will be able to use the product even after the license expires but won’t get updates.