Why DearPDF? From PDF viewer to PDF Flipbooks

Why another plugin when there is DearFlip? DearFlip already supports PDF and creates PDF Flipbook – Then Why?

DearFlip started as a flipbook plugin based on images. It takes images and make them image flipbook using 3D and 2D flipbook. Then later it supported PDF formats too. That how it got started. But it is still built around flipbook concept and cannot come out of it. PDF on other hand is a very mobile format and has different servings and requirement like text content, links, different page formats – something DearFlip couldn’t solve.

So can DearPDF handle variety of PDFs? Yes, it is intended to do so. When there are format that have different page sizes, customers can choose traditional viewer mode and they PDF is displayed properly instead of stretched pages. Also the flipbook mode supports proportional page, so they resize as per current page ratio instead of stretching to fit the Book size.

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