CORS issues with PDF. Why it happens and how it can be fixed?

Modern internet browsers take security seriously! After many attacks and malpractice on the internet, many new security rules have been introduced. Among such rules is CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), which applies for cross-domain resource access; mainly using AJAX requests. WHY CORS occurs in DEARFLIP? DearFlip uses PDF.js that relies on Ajax requests to fetch PDF … Read more

An alternative to Turn.js that supports PDF – DearFlip

Turn.js has been an easily available flipbook solution for javascript developers. Though it is released under a non-commercial BSD license, it still attracts many users due to its public availability on GitHub. For initial implementation and providing a good idea about flipbook, turn.js has been pivotal in the flipbook industry.   Turn.js has shown it’s … Read more

Document Layouts for dFlip Flipbook plugin

Documents are created in various formats and layout to support publishing requirements. dFlip supports two popular layout formats in which pages can be arranged and used. Single Page Layout Double Page Layout (booklet form) Single Page Format: Single Page is a very common format where every page in the document is the same size. Example … Read more

5 Best jQuery Flipbook plugins with Pros and Cons


So, we need to add flipbooks on our website using jQuery solution? Ain’t that right! We assume, you already know the importance of flipbooks and hence you are looking for solutions. Let us with finding you alternatives and possibilities that could have otherwise missed out. At the end of this article, we hope you will … Read more

How to make a flipbook online in WordPress

flipbooks in issuu

Why Flipbook? Flipbooks are gaining popularity in online space. So much that popular publication houses like are solving how to make a flipbook online – using flipbook as a primary viewer for millions of readers and users. Now, most would love to have the in their sites too. But those publication houses are not … Read more