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Stuck with flat and boring sliders and pdf readers? Provide real-life book experience to your readers with cutting edge 3D flipbook technology – DearFlip. Our WordPress flipbook plugin and jQuery flipbook plugin will help you bring life into your flipbook.

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3D Flipbook Loved by 80,000+ Customers!

DearFlip serves more than 10,000 premium customers and more than 60,000 non-premium customers. Our 3D flipbooks are also used by 10,000+ users on Chrome Browser extension and apps.

DearFlip 3D Flipbook was previously available as dFlip on CodeCanyon - Dearhive profile. dFlip has around 10,000 premium customers and is best rated flipbook plugin on the CodeCanyon market.
DearFlip Flipbook Animation

Experience the joy of reading a PDF!

PDF reading is boring when viewed using flat scroll viewers. With DearFlip you can flip around the pages and read your PDF as if it was a real book. You can use DearFlip jQuery Flipbook Plugin or DearFlip WordPress Flipbook Plugin to convert your PDF to 3D flipbooks on your site.

How our customers value DearFlip?

This is a GREAT plugin, exactly what I was looking for: making it possible to show magazines on your websites.
Very good support also, with very quick responding. I’m so happy with it :-))) !!!


Excellent plugin for sites that have many pdfs to showcase. Works great in both Desktop and Mobile. It is also very customizable to fit your needs. The support is also awesome and pretty fast. What else should anyone ask for?


Awesome FlipBook plugin!!! By far the best I’ve found! Very clean and can customize everything you need! Recommend to all! A+

DearFlip or DearPDF?

It can be confusing when looking at both the products that have similarities. But both deviate as per their specialty. DearFlip is a 3D flipbook plugin that focuses on Flipbook structure and supports PDF and image format. DearPDF is a PDF Viewer plugin that only supports PDF, but has much more versatile structure and options around PDFs. DearPDF supports PDF Flipbook and PDF Reader while DearFlip supports PDF Flipbook and Image Flipbook.

Thus if your main format is PDF, go with DearPDF, else go with DearFlip.