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Give your users a reason to love your content. Let the users feel a real book with DearFlip 3D Flipbook plugin. 

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3D Flipbook – Bring LIFE into your PDFs!

Transform your regular PDFs to lively 3D Flipbooks. DearFlip WordPress flipbook plugin provides an easy and realistic implementation of flipbooks, you never had before.

Memories, designs and art look great in a 3d flipbook. Best for Photo Album, LookBook, Magazines, Portfolios

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3D Flipbooks that are easy to use!

All you need is a PDF and your PDF flipbook is ready to use. It’s that easy and instant. We support Image flipbooks too in website plugins. Add the images you want be part of flipbook and boom!! You have your Image flipbook ready.

3D Spiral Books!!

Version 2.1 introduces the amazing 3D spiral books.

Memories, designs and art look great in a 3d spiral flipbook. Best for Photo Album, LookBook, Magazines, Portfolios

Other View Modes

Version 2.1 introduces Scroll Viewer Mode, Slider Viewer Mode .

Text based documents or documents with variable page sizes, benefit using the Scroll Viewer and Slider Viewer.

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3D Flipbook - DearFlip
3D Flipbook – DearFlip


3D Flipbook: View your PDFs in Realistic 3D PDF Flipbook mode. DearFlip uses modern WebGL technology to empower 3D Flipbooks. The books look real and have natural page flip animations.

3D Spiral Flipbook: Apart from hard cover 3D Flipbook, DearFlip features spiral binding looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flash required to run DearFlip?

No, customers do not require Flash to run DearFlip. By using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, DearFlip ensures compatibility across different platforms and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

So Flipbooks could be read just like a real-life book with DearFlip?

Yes, DearFlip provides a reading experience that closely resembles reading a real-life book. With its 3D flipbook viewer, you can flip through the pages of a flipbook just like turning the pages of a physical book. DearFlip offers features like page flipping animations, customizable navigation controls, and the ability to zoom in on text and images, enhancing the immersive reading experience.

DearFlip’s focus on providing a realistic and user-friendly reading experience makes it an ideal solution for individuals and businesses looking to showcase their digital publications in an engaging and interactive manner.

What features of PDF are available in PDF Flipbook?

PDF is a very versatile document format. It has many advantages that are really handy when it comes to document sharing. It works as it is in almost every device and the content doesn’t change even when viewed on different devices. PDF content is maintained in DearFlip it looks similar to almost every reader, just more realistic. The links in the PDF document work right away.

I don’t have any prior knowledge about programming. Is DearFlip appropriate for me?

DearFlip PDF Flipbook is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for users without programming knowledge. The DearFlip documentation provides a comprehensive guide on how to get started with creating flipbooks using their plugins. There are user manuals, YouTube videos, medium articles as well as blogs available for you to learn how to get started with it ease.