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BRING LIFE into your PDFs

Stuck with flat and boring PDFs? DearFlip provides real-life book experience to readers with cutting edge 3D flipbook technology.

Loved by 15,000+ Customers!

More than 7,000 premium customers and more than 10,000 non-premium customers use DearFlip 3D Flipbook solutions.

Create 3D Flipbooks in Minutes!

Easy usage and simplicity has been the core of our DearFlip 3D flipbook plugins.

Just 5 Steps!

WordPress is famous for it’s easy to learn and use structure. DearFlip follows WordPress post structure for creating and managing 3D flipbooks. It’s easy and simple just like creating a post.

  1. Install our DearFlip WordPress Flipbook Plugin
  2. Create a FlipBook Post
  3. Provide a link to your PDF and save the post
  4. Copy the shortcode and paste to your page
  5. Publish and Flipbook is ready on your page!
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Experience the joy of reading a PDF!

DearFlip provides real life experience of reading a book. Scrolling a PDF and reading is not exciting. With DearFlip you can flip around the pages and read your PDF as if it was a real book. You can use jQuery Flipbook Plugin or WordPress Flipbook Plugin to create 3D flipbooks on your site.