CORS issues with PDF. Why it happens and how it can be fixed?

Modern internet browsers take security seriously! After many attacks and malpractice on the internet, many new security rules have been introduced. Among such rules is CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing), which applies for cross-domain resource access; mainly using AJAX requests. WHY CORS occurs in DEARFLIP? DearFlip uses PDF.js that relies on Ajax requests to fetch PDF … Read more

Page Modes and customizations

dFlip supports double and single page mode for reading. And in Single page mode, there are booklets and focus single page mode. Page Modes: In Auto mode, flipbook will use DoublePage mode for desktop and single page mode for mobile. Click on the example below to see the auto mode flipbook. In DoublePage mode, the … Read more

How to create responsive covers for flipbooks

Settings(Pro Version): The settings are available under dFlipBooks -> Settings as Book Thumb Type. Available options are Image and Div and respective HTML elements will be used to display the thumb image. We recommend using Image option for advanced users. Note: The value can be overridden from shortcode using thumbtype attribute. Case: Image background (Recommended): … Read more

Flipbook Lightbox, Popups and customization with dFlip

dFlip uses WebGL and PDF.js as 3D  and PDF rendering frameworks. Both of these frameworks have complex architecture and require crucial memory management, or the memory leaks will quickly escalate and crashes will occur. dFlip has its own inbuilt lightbox solution that you can use with thumb, buttons or custom elements. dFlip handles the memory … Read more